Jaamiah Raheemiyyah being situated on the mountainous terrain, hence scarcity of water and very deep water table. This divine spot hosts a water sucking motor fulfilling the needs of the Madrassah.
Mesmerizing view of the newly constructed library of Darul Uloom Raheemiyyah Bandipora.

Glimpses of a piece of land purchased by Darul Uloom Raheemiyyah, in the outskirts of Bandipora near Onagam comprising of 22 kanals (approx.). Was named Siddiq Abad in the memory of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (رضی الله عنہ) and Hazrat Qari Siddiq Sb Bandhvi (رحمت اللہ علیہ)

Hostel Building

Calendar 2018

View Of Masjid Shareef & Arabic Classrooms

A Unit Of Darul Uloom Raheemiyyah Bandipora

A Unit Of Darul Uloom Raheemiyyah Bandipora

Under Construction Family Quarters

Mesmerizing Ariel View Of Minarets Of Darul Iqaamah Building

Overview Of Darul Uloom Raheemiyyah Bandipora