Gold Opportunity

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As it has been made public earlier that Darul-Uloom Raheemiyyah Bandipora has purchased a large chunk of land adjacent to its new complex in the vicinity of Bagh Nussoo  Bandipora.  The  payment  was  required  in installments. Many Muslim men and women donated for the same, may Allah Ta’ala accept their donation. Now the last and final installment is due, so immediate donation is needed.

Donation can be deposited in the bank account of Darul-Uloom Raheemiyyah under the account No: CD1226 JK Bank Branch Bandipora. Donors are requested to please inform the office of Darul-Uloom Raheemiyyah after depositing their donation in the bank on phone as itis necessary for maintaining the accounts and dispatching the receipts.Some persons desire to donate without disclosing their names and addresses to the Raheemiyyah office.But the office must be informed about the same as it will save the accountants from any kind of inconvenience, and such kind of information does not violate the rules of hidden donation.
Issued by: Naazim Sahib Darul-Uloom Raheemiyyah, Bandipora Kashmir